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Seattle Police Seize a Bag of Feces, Bombs, Rocks, Pry Bars & More From May Day Protesters


"We're not sure what this is but we know what it smells like."

As The Blaze previously reported, the May Day protests in Seattle erupted into chaos on Tuesday. The black bloc, a violent subset of protesters and Occupiers, were responsible for the turmoil (the group created minor bouts of havoc in New York City as well). In the wake of the antics, Seattle police have released pictures of the bizarre and disturbing items that were seized from the protesters.

Among the tools that authorities collected were bombs, rocks, a bag of feces and pry bars. The Seattle Police department shared these items in photos published on its Img.ly photo account.

Along with a picture of what appears to be fecal matter in a bag, a caption reads, "We're not sure what this is but we know what it smells like":

In an accompanying image, another police caption says, "One step closer to identifying the 'mystery substance' in the plastic bag." This is the associated picture:

While some would simply dismiss the aforementioned images as "grotesque" or "foul," there were some items that showcased an intent to do serious harm to either individuals or localities (not that bacteria-ridden feces isn't dangerous in its own regard).

Take, for instance, homemade incendiary devices that were recovered from an abandoned backpack yesterday:

Here's a better look at even more of the bag's contents:

Numerous media reports explored the police department's recovery of this backpack:

Some of these devices were actually utilized, as KIRO-TV provided footage that showcased the charred remains of one of the units:

Some of the other items were to be expected, especially considering the crimes that were committed. Authorities nabbed a helmet and some paint from the May Day protesters:

And who could participate in destroying windows and other items purportedly owned by the 1 percent without a hammer and pry bar?

There are, of course, other images of recovered items that the Seattle police share on their photo account. In sum, these elements create numerous questions about the radical subgroups supporting the Occupy Movement, especially as protesters seek to re-invigorate American support for its ideals.

(H/T: The Gateway Pundit)

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