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What If Texting While Driving Was Part of a Driver's Ed Test? Non-Profit Films Student Reaction


"You have to avoid an obstacle in the road while texting."

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

In many states texting while driving is a ticketable offense, and the news is frequently peppered with statistics about the accidents and fatalities associated with the distraction while driving. But how exactly do you convince people not to text and drive?

One non-profit in Belgium thought of a way using a method similar to reverse psychology and forced people taking their driver's test to pass texting lesson. They filmed the results:

As you can see, the group Responsible Young Drivers proved its point. As the driving instructor speaks the text messages that need to be sent, the drivers are seen clearly distracted, even getting frustrated and letting out a scream as they hit cones and throw the teacher -- who at times isn't wearing a seat belt -- toward the dash. Drivers even stated they would stop driving all together if this texting test were in fact part of the law.

Do you think you could pass if this were part of your driver's test?

[H/T Gizmodo]

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