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Exam Extreme Pics: Chinese High School Students Get IVs to Stay Alert While Studying


It's finals time for students around the globe and a variety of cramming methods are being employed, from incessant note copying to pulling all-nighters, but the most extreme method is being used by Chinese students who are hooking up intravenously to fluids that are said to keep them healthy.

Watch this ITN News report on the questionable technique taking place at Xiaogan No.1 High School in Hubei province:

Geek.com reports the school's Director of the Office of Academic Affairs going by the surname Xia saying the IVs are for students who felt "unwell" but wanted to continue studying for their "Gao Kao," the National College Entrance Examination. The drip is said to be an amino acid nutritional supplement and is not considered harmful.

"The Ministry of Tofu" (via Geek.com) -- a blog site that seeks to "boost mutual understanding between China and rest of the world" by covering relevant news -- reported Xia as saying students were even given a subsidy of 10 yuan (about $1.58) for the amino acid drip. It states the IV was originally administered in the infirmary but in the essence of saving students from going back and forth, they brought the IVs in to the classroom.

The photos showing the scene were first uploaded to the microblogging site in China "Weibo" by the user "CHImushroom." The entrance exam will take place within the first couple weeks of June.

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