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AIM Releases Explosive New Report Alleging The Left's Voter Fraud Strategy


There has been a lot of pushback from the Left against Voter ID laws this campaign cycle, equating the laws against voter fraud to prejudice poll taxes and Jim Crow laws, and pressuring corporations to drop financial support to legal organizations that support such legislation. A new report from Accuracy in Media's Center for Investigative Journalism suggests that those on the Left have sought to obstruct such laws for they would interfere with their national strategy in 2012, which the report alleges is built on voter fraud and intimidation.

“For too long, the American public had only held a fragmented knowledge of vote fraud and intimidation,” AIM Chairman Don Irvine said in a statement accompanying the report. “The mainstream press have treated the issue as if it were a grab-bag of accusations, rumor and conspiracy theories for electoral losers. This report is intended to be the go-to resource for understanding the entire threat to our representative Republic.”

The report recognizes vote fraud engaged at times by both parties, but argues the practice is a systematic component of the overall national strategy of those on the Left. AIM alleges that an "entire industry" has been development to carryout this task, pointing out four components of the strategy:

  • Swamp election officials with overwhelming numbers of registrations at the last possible minute, a huge proportion of which are deliberately fraudulent, in order to create systematic chaos.

  • Activists sue state authorities for “voter suppression,” creating further chaos and pressuring them to become de facto taxpayer-funded voter registration operations
  • Eric Holder’s Justice Department tacitly supports voter intimidation tactics, sues states and backs private lawsuits, and resists reform as “voter suppression.”

  • Leftist echo chamber discredits allegations of vote fraud, supports “suppression” theme, and promotes advantageous legislation.

The report points to past and present examples of vote fraud carried out by the still active ACORN and its branches, uncovering incidents in 2008 where ACORN workers produced a total of 400,000 bogus voter registrations and Citizens Services Inc., a supposedly defunct ACORN group, was allegedly used to hide over $800,000 paid by candidate Obama to ACORN in 2008. Despite the 2009 James O'Keefe-orchestrated undercover video bust of ACORN, the entity still operates in 18 states teaming up with its registration arm, Project Vote, which Barack Obama organized for in 1992.

The report identifies the intellectual foundation of such tactics to be the brain child of Columbia University Professor Richard Cloward and CUNY Professor Frances Fox Piven, in the Cloward Piven Strategy. The strategy is built off an article written by the two for The Nation magazine titled “The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty,” which declares that if the poor were organized into street armies to demand all welfare benefits available to them, they could overwhelm and crash the system.

Read the complete report on vote fraud perpetrate by the Left on 

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