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At Least the Democrats Believe in Evolution': Chris Matthews Defends Obama's Gay Marriage Comments


"Some Republicans don't believe in evolution and don't evolve themselves."

Ever since Vice President Joe Biden made his statements endorsing gay marriage, President Obama's incoherence on the subject has been slowly mounting. And while more cynical observers might look at this and suggest that the President is laying the groundwork for a publicly contrived "change of heart" that will demonstrate his true beliefs once the election is over, some people have apparently bought his current defense hook, line and sinker.

I refer, of course, to Chris Matthews. In a segment on his show today, Matthews, who is famous for crediting President Obama with sending a proverbial thrill up his leg, appeared to accept the President's line that his thinking is "evolving" on the issue as a genuine statement. And, not being able to resist a dig at Republicans, Matthews quipped, "At least the Democrats believe in evolution. Some Republicans don't believe in evolution and don't evolve themselves."

Watch the full segment and the isolated clip, courtesy of Hot Air, below:

Leaving aside the issue of whether the President's "evolution" on this issue is genuine, or simply an "about-face," let's note an obvious problem with Matthews' joke: The President might believe in the theory of evolution, but he may to have real problems with the guy who came up with it. Remember when he called the Ryan Plan "Thinly veiled Social Darwinism," for instance? This would seem to suggest that, in actuality, it is Republicans who are becoming the party of evolution.

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