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Russian Accident Leaves Man With Arrow Through His Neck...But Alive & With an Incredible Picture


"It's a miracle that he survived."

(Image: 9 News screenshot)

Konstantine Myakush, 38, from Moscow was walking with his two daughters on April 30 near a sports center when a rogue 20-inch-long arrow shot right through his neck.

The Daily Mail reports officials saying the arrow must have misfired from the nearby archery club and consider it a miracle Myakush is alive given. If the arrow had gone an inch to either side of where it had lodged, the outcome would have been drastically different. While Myakush is in intensive care, he is expected to make a full recovery:

A hospital spokesman said Mr. Myakush was incredibly lucky the arrow missed his brain, adding: "He would have been dead by now. It's a miracle that he survived."

Not only did Myakush maintain consciousness after being shot, but he also called his wife who phoned for an ambulance.

Watch this 9 News report of the incident:

The archery range is currently not allowing class outside and the instructor at the time of the incident has been suspended while an investigation is underway.

[H/T Huffington Post]

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