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10 Years Later, It's as Relevant as Ever: 'Wrath of Righteousness' Author Joins Beck on GBTV


With a new series of e-books slated for re-release by Glenn Beck's Mercury Radio Arts, "Wrath and Righteousness" author Chris Stewart joined Beck Tuesday evening to discuss the origins of his thought-provoking work.

The book discusses, among other things, how Islamists, in the name of democracy, increase their grip across Syria, Lebanon, Oman, Yemen, Bahrain and other parts of the Muslim world. What is perhaps most frightening is that Stewart wrote his volume ten years ago. It even delves into the results that would be experienced with the launch of an electromagnetic pulse device (EMP).

Beck first read the hardcover version of Wrath of Righteousness six years ago and was astounded at how closely the content reflected real-life events.

Stewart explained that the "heart" of his book is centered on the "battle between good and evil," but that ultimately it is "hopeful" and positive.

10 installments will be released over the course of the next year and are only available in e-book format, compatible with any lap or desktop, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Nook or other smartphone device. They can be purchased here through the Glenn Beck network. The first episode will be offered free of charge.

Watch the fascinating interview below.

The "Wrath of Righteousness."

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