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Beck & Co-Hosts Mock Dick Lugar's '5 Centuries' in Office and Suggest 'Cryogenic Machines


Or maybe we should put them on ventilators...

By now, news has traveled that Indiana Republican Dick Lugar has, after nearly four decades, finally been ousted from his Senate seat (barring a run as an independent). The bitter fight was waged from members of his own party who instead championed State Treasurer Richard Mourdock. The Tea Party favorite will now take Lugar's place in facing Democratic Rep. Joe Donnelly in the November general election. But while the veteran senator is now likely licking his wounds after last night's GOP-led defeat, the lampooning, at least from Glenn beck and his co-hosts, is not quite over yet.

"Ooh, must hurt to be Senator Lugar today," were the opening lines as Beck and his crew mocked Lugar's "five centuries" in office.

Yes, "you really get stuff done in your fifth century in office," Stu quipped.

After a hilarious tit-for-tat at the embattled Senator's expense, Beck joked that we might want to consider putting politicians "on ventilators" to keep them going indefinitely, while Pat suggested that "cryogenic machines" might serve those purposes better.

"So once in a while we just roll them out of the freezer and we make them vote," Beck laughed. "Just defrost them real quick, pop them in a microwave, have the labor union tell them how to vote and then freeze them up again."

The conversation then turned to victor, Mourdock, who is being painted as "dangerously conservative" and "crazy" by the mainstream media.

It almost makes one feel bad for Dick Lugar. Watch Glenn, Pat and Stu go to town on the six-term senator:

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