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Putin Celebrated His Presidential Win by Playing a Possibly-Rigged Hockey Game


The Russian Federation has a new and yet oddly familiar president. Vladimir Putin was sworn into a third term in the office he previously occupied for two consecutive terms (2000-2004, 2004-2008).

How did the Russian President celebrate his return to power? With a hockey game featuring a bunch of amateurs (Putin's team) playing against some of the greatest Russian hockey players still alive and skating.

Putin's love for hockey is something new. The President just recently started playing the game and yet he managed to keep up with his team of skilled amateurs as well as the Russian pros. And in an amazing display of athletic skills worthy of those often trumpeted by North Korea's now-deceased Kim Jong il, Putin scored a goal within seconds of stepping on the ice. The roaring crowd cheered as #11 (Putin) also added an assist and then was given the chance to win the tied match on a penalty shot.

Putin pal, Silvio Berlusconi was also on hand to witness this amazing display of athletic prowess.

(The woman next to the former leader of Italy is described as his "translator.")

Watch as the President skates in and scores the winning goal on a penalty shot. Imagine what the veteran goalie was thinking as the former KGB honcho turned commander in chief was approaching with the puck. (Note: the video of Putin's game winning goal is not seen in slow-motion... That's exactly how slowly the President was skating!)

Highlights from the Telegraph:

Let's not forget that Mr. Putin is often seen in macho situations.

Last August, on his first scuba dive, Putin "found" two antique vases. It was later admitted to be a stunt.

And then there were the shirtless pics of Putin from 2009.

The snarky and clever folks at called these shots "Shirtless In Siberia" and also pointed out the Russian leader's "moobs."

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