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Beck Responds to WaPo Story About Romney's Alleged High School Bullying


"a card‑carrying Communist"

Earlier today, The Blaze reported about John Lauber and his family's startling response to allegations that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney bullied him back in high school.

This morning, Glenn Beck and his radio team spoke out about the media's handling of the situation, specifically when it comes to outlets' consistent failures to properly vet President Barack Obama.

(Related: Family of Romney’s Alleged Bully Victim Speaks Out: ‘The Portrayal of John Is Factually Incorrect’) recaps Beck's discussion about The Washington Post report that brought the allegations out to the forefront:

“You know, here’s the Washington Post vetting Mitt Romney in this way for a haircut, a haircut, 50 years ago. Almost 50 years ago, but they have absolutely zero interest, none whatsoever, in the chosen one’s past. Barack Obama has done and said ‑‑ I mean, the guy was mentored by a card‑carrying Communist,” Pat said.

Glenn added that in the sixties and seventies the words and insults that are now associated with “gay bashing” weren’t necessarily used that way then. Glenn said that he used to be called a “pansy” because he was terrible at sports, but neither he nor his friends associated the word with having sex with men or other homosexual behavior.

“It’s not what they meant. We didn’t think this way,” Glenn explained.

“The culture was completely different then,” Stu added.

"Is everybody in the Washington Post so secure in their high school career that there's nothing they fear coming out?," Beck asked.

Watch the segment, below:

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