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Child Sex Slavery Documentary Pulled From 5th-Grade Class After Parent Complains


"not anything I ever would have approved for my 10-year-old to view."

Gina was sold into sex slavery at the age of seven and beaten with sticks and aluminum rods. Anita was lured by a friend and then drugged and sold, threatened with being buried alive.

Such are the wrenching tales of Bombay's child sex slave trade featured in "The Day My God Died," a documentary that until this week was screened to fifth-grade students in a California classroom.

"It will absolutely not be shown. It's age inappropriate," Troy Sherman, an assistant superintendent at Ukiah Unified School District told the San Jose Mercury News.

He said school district officials were unaware Yokayo Elementary School teacher Stephanie Anderson was showing the documentary to her 9, 10 and 11-year-old students until an outraged parent complained this week. Ukiah is approximately 140 miles northeast of Sacramento.

It was unclear whether Yokayo Elementary officials were aware of what was going on; Sherman said the district is now investigating whether the film -- which describes young girls being beaten, tortured and raped until they submitted -- was also shown to fourth graders.

Sherman wouldn't say whether any disciplinary action would be taken against Anderson.

Parent Willow Anderson (no relation) said Stephanie Anderson told students to obtain verbal permission from their parents in order to watch the film, the Ukiah Daily Journal reported.

"I viewed this video today and I can assure you that it is not anything I ever would have approved for my 10-year-old to view," Willow Anderson said.

She told school board members Tuesday she was "heartbroken" she hadn't been able to speak to her daughter about healthy sexual relationships before "having the subject of human trafficking thrown in her face, unprepared."

"This is her first experience with the subject of sexuality," Anderson said. "I cannot fathom how this may have affected children who may have witnessed or been victims to abuse themselves."

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