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Alleged Former Chuck E. Cheese's Employee Dishes on Horrors of Kiddie Playland


"...and smeared it everywhere."

Chuck E. Cheese's may be the place "where a kid can be a kid," but the tales one alleged former employee told about the kiddie haven could be enough for parents to keep their children away from the famed rat's playland for a good long time.

Business Insider highlighted some of the recent responses given during an online question-and-answer session on As BI noted, the site relies on anonymous sources that can't be verified. Still, read on to see if there's anything you (hopefully don't) recognize:

On kids defecating in the tubes:

On my last day of work a little kid came up to tell me "Mr. Mr. Somebody pooped in the tubes and smeared it everywhere." I said "Thanks for letting me know." and kept on sweeping. Then a suburban mom came up to tell me as well. I realized at this point that as the lowest on the totem pole I couldn't tell anyone else to clean it, and if I told a manager he'd just have me do it. So I ran to the costume room and got in the Chuck E. suit. I stayed "in character" for 3 hours.

On how they'd clean up vomit:

I learned you pour cotton candy crystals on it. It soaks up the puke so you can just sweep it up and it makes it smell like strawberry puke.

A tip for parents:

Don't ever let your kids (if you have them) play in ball pits. They're rarely cleaned. When we did clean them, we put them in my boss' pickup truck in netted bags. Then we just went through a carwash.

Read the full post at Business Insider.

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