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SNL: Joe Biden Complains About Obama Taking all the Same-Sex Marriage George W. Bush


Actor Will Ferrell's return to Saturday Night Live as host meant one thing in the show's cold open: The resurrection of his George W. Bush impersonation.

The former president paid Vice President Joe Biden a visit to console him about the past week; a petulant Biden, played by Jason Sudeikis, was upset that Obama had stolen all the thunder in coming out in support of same-sex marriage when it was Biden who got the ball rolling.

"Everybody says I have, like, a big mouth. But it's my big mouth that got things done this time, not his 'careful weighing of options,'" Biden sulked.

"Those smartypants guys are never going to understand speak-first guys like us," Bush observed. "They're all brains. You and me? We're all gut and balls. Every decision I ever made happened between my bellybutton and my thighs."

Biden protested that he was just "sick of the way presidents are always riding me. I'm an adult!"

Bush said he had gone through the same thing under "President Cheney": "I'd be in the Oval Office hooking up the slurpee machine, settling into a 'Charles in Charge' marathon, and that penguin would come waddling in and yell, 'Get your damn pants on, we're going to bomb blabbity-blah-blah-blah! It's like, whatever happened to be a kid?"

"Politics isn't fair," Biden whined.

"No sir," Bush said. "Well, mission accomplished."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Biden asked.

"It's just something I like to say when a problem isn't solved but I don't like to talk about it anymore," Bush said.

Watch the full sketch below, via NBC:

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