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Family Guy' Cartoon Bashes Tea Party In Episode Using Anti-Semitism & Neo-Nazis


"Excuse me, fellow Aryan, have you seen any Jews around?"

Image Credit: Fox

On Sunday evening, the animated Fox television show, "Family Guy," took aim at a familiar Hollywood target: conservatives and, in particular, the Tea Party. The episode, Newsbusters' Noel Sheppard claims, "depicted the conservative movement as a bunch of racist anarchists destined to destroy America."

Sheppard provides a recap of the episode:

The premise of the episode was that after City Hall in his town threatened to shut down his illegal business, main character Peter is thinking of joining the Tea Party because he was fed up with government.

He attended a Tea Party rally filled with exclusively white people mispronouncing words such as “taco” and “tortilla.”

Worse still, the movement was depicted as anarchists looking for absolutely no government as opposed to the real Tea Party which advocates fiscally responsible government living within its means.

Regardless, Peter liked what he heard, and proceeded to join.

Not surprisingly, with all government services eliminated, the town began to totally fall apart.

Of course, the episode goes on to depict all of the absurd societal problems that would allegedly result from a lack of government involvement in Americans' daily lives. From young people having sex with adults to humans reproducing with giraffes, the episode had a bizarre take on the Tea Party's perspective.

Perhaps the most controversial portion of the show, as recounted by Sheppard, focused upon Nazi and Jewish references. Newsbusters continues:

Not surprisingly, a little anti-Semitism was thrown in along with a Nazi reference.

Mort, the Jewish pharmacist, showed up at Peter’s house saying, “Historically, in instances of mass lawlessness, the first thing they do is round up the Jews.”

A truck filled with Skinheads plastered with Swastika tattoos arrived with one of them saying, “Excuse me, fellow Aryan, have you seen any Jews around?”

Mort replied, “Is there a reward?”

You can watch a portion of the episode, below:

(H/T: Newsbusters)

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