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I Gotta Get My S--': Obama's Newest Gaffe?


Microphones can catch powerful people saying the darnedest things. Especially when they're turned on and the powerful people don't realize it.

Is President Obama is the latest victim of this trend? You see, the President recently accepted the Barnard Medal of Distinction - the highest honor conferred by Barnard College in New York - after giving the school's commencement address. Yet while going to retrieve the medal, Obama got a little too close to the very mic from which he delivered that address, and may have let loose a gaffe that has very quickly gone viral.

The first to notice the apparent hiccup was Huffington Post reporter Ethan Klapper, who took to Twitter to write the following:

The apparent expletive that would follow should be obvious. To be fair to Obama, the video is less than clear, and it's possible that he could have just said "stuff." However, the Tweet above suggests otherwise.

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