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Take That Back': Rep. Peter King Tussles With CNN Contributor Who Suggested NYPD Is 'Profiling' Muslims


“That’s the nonsense people like you and others are propagating.”

Rep. Peter King, the Long Island GOP congressman who chairs the Homeland Security Committee, is making the rounds defending the NYPD's monitoring of some Muslims in New York City. And Monday morning on CNN, he got in a heated debate with CNN contributor, and writer for the "New Yorker," Ryan Lizza.

Lizza used the non-specific term "the media" to say that some have brought up good objections to the Muslim monitoring program after.

“Is your position that the NYPD is completely above criticism, and that they simply can do no wrong?" Lizza asked. "It seems to me that the media has brought some pretty legitimate issues up and that it’s not quite right to defend the NYPD just unilaterally, which sounds like what you’re doing. So could you respond to that?”

King fired back: “First of all, there is no profiling. That’s the nonsense people like you and others are propagating.”

“I’m not propagating anything,” Lizza responded. “I’m saying there are questions raised about what the NYPD is doing.”

King stood his ground: “I’m telling you there is no profiling so take that back, there is no profiling. You have no evidence.”

After a fellow host said Lizza mad some "good points," a disgusted King responded, "They're not valid points."

You can watch it below, via Mediaite:

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