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CNN Calls Out Obama Campaign Over Romney Ad


"Ben, I don't want you to campaign on this program. I want you to answer questions on this ad."

The controversial and inaccurate anti-Romney ad from the Obama campaign hit another speed bump today as CNN attacked the ad.

During a live segment on Tuesday afternoon, Ashleigh Banfield unleashed on Obama campaign press secretary Ben LaBolt about the accuracy of the ad trying to link Romney to a steel plant that closed two years after Romney left Bain Capital. The CNN anchor pointed out the incorrect information in the ad as well as the "One Pinocchio" rating given to the ad by the Washington Post. Mr. LaBolt attempted to counter with typical campaign talking points, but was blunted at nearly every turn.

Banfield closes by admonishing the Obama campaign press secretary saying:

Keep it clean out there! For heaven's sake.  We hate that crap on our television.

Be nice to each other. Pump your own guy up. Don't tear the other guy down.

Watch the entire segment here:

When reached for comment about the segment, Ms. Banfield encouraged Blaze readers to watch again tomorrow as she promises to take on a Romney campaign representative over some questionable statements Mitt has been making about the employment numbers. Stay tuned.

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