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Laura Ingraham Reveals Witnessing TSA Pat Down of Apparent Double Amputee Veteran


“These men should get red carpet treatment at TSA"

It seems every day there is some new horror story from the TSA, whether it's Geraldo Rivera claiming he has been "manually raped," or a heartbreaking figure of a woman sobbing alone after an invasive pat-down.

And now, conservative radio host Laura Ingraham is saying she saw a disabled veteran -- who was missing both legs and had terrible scars along his arms -- not treated rudely, necessarily, but not at all treated with the dignity deserving of a wounded veteran in a country he sacrificed so much for.

“I think we need to treat these men and women differently at TSA,” she said. “We need to give them a fast pass through this system and not, as the Homeland Security Department said a few years ago, brand them as potential threats to the United States, returning veterans.  Remember that edict from Janet Napolitano.”

Watch her describe the incident on Fox and Friends, via Mediaite:

Ingraham says she was actually alerted to the event by her children, with whom she was traveling.

"My daughter actually noticed there was an Afghan war veteran ... he had a cap on that said 'Afghanistan War' and he was paraplegic -- he had lost his legs and had terrible shrapnel wounds on both arms, you could see the deep scars on both arms -- and he was going through screening," she began.  "Well, he obviously can't go through the X-Ray machine, he can't walk, get out of his chair.  They brought him through to the secondary screening area, but it was for everybody to see.”

She described how the man's family was waiting for him, and concluded: "He had clearly been through so much ... and they're waiting for him, and they're lifting him up, and looking under his torso, and something about that just kicked me in the gut and I felt like I had to share it with people."

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