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Moses: First Union Boss, Epic Community Organizer! Listen To Stephen Lerner's Retelling of Exodus


"They went on strike, right?"

Last week, The Blaze brought you exclusive footage of renowned Union organizer Steven Lerner asking college students to be arrested for leftist causes.  This week, The Blaze brings you video of Lerner at the same Georgetown event, retelling his labor version of the story of Exodus. Exodus is the biblical story of how the Israelites, led by the prophet Moses, left oppression in Egypt.

Lerner began his retelling of the Israelite Exodus by calling it "the first great strike in history":

"So, anybody here celebrate Passover recently?  Anybody?  So, we had the first great strike in history was, what? When Moses and the Israelites, they said, 'Pharaoh's not treating me well.'  Did they send him emails and, like, put on a little tablet 'Please be nice,' and sign a petition?  ... They went on strike, right?"

Lerner, who is Jewish, continued the retelling without mentioning any divine intervention:

"They left the country, and then, what happened when the Pharaoh resisted?  There was a little bit of a crisis -- first-born children got killed, cattle got killed -- it was a serious strike, rightstrike-breakers are not dealt with well."

Watch the union version of the Old Testament below:

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