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New York Man Accused of Smuggling Crack in His...Crack


"a second X-ray showed 'more foreign objects'"

A Vermont State Trooper near the town of Rockingham pulled over a man from Staten Island, N.Y., for a traffic violation. But the stop turned into a shocking drug bust instead. More than 80 bags of crack cocaine, 218 Oxycodone pills and about 11 grams of marijuana were found not during a search of car or in Alex Boulet's pockets, but rather in his rectum.

Senior Trooper Michael Studin pulled over Boulet, 29, on May 4, according to The Smoking Gun, which published the story yesterday and has since been gaining traction on the Internet. While patting Boulet down, Studin felt something unusual around the "groin area of his pants." From there, Studin obtained a search warrant to perform an X-ray of Boulin. Here's more from The Smoking Gun on the events that transpired afterward, which cites a court affidavit it obtained:

After an initial X-ray at a local hospital revealed a foreign object in his rectum, Boulet was given a laxative by hospital staffers (he also requested a cup of coffee). Boulet subsequently passed a plastic bag containing several other bags that contained a total of 84 crack rocks “all packaged individually.”

After a second X-ray showed “more foreign objects,” Boulet returned to the commode in his hospital room. He then passed two plastic bags containing a total of 218 Oxycodone pills. Boulet expelled the powerful painkiller from his rectum more than five hours after passing the crack cocaine.

When a third X-ray revealed that Boulet was still holding, he was transferred to the intensive care unit of a second hospital. While there, he “passed his fourth bag of contraband,” noted Trooper Kevin Hughes in the May 7 affidavit. The final bag--covered like the others in unpleasantness--contained 11.5 grams of marijuana.

Also a little odd is that the court affidavit presents the names of two other men -- Elijah Jones and Steve Audige. The Huffington Post reported a press release issued on the arrest says the name of one of these men is Boulet's cousin, whose name and license Boulet initially gave to the authorities. The Battleboro Reformer reports there was another occupant in the car as well who was searched.

Boulet was reportedly charged with possession of the aforementioned drugs and is currently being held at the Marble Valley Correctional Center in lieu of $50,000 bail.

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