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Data Crusher': Instantly 'Obliterate' Hard Drives and Other Digital Data With This Tool


"To put it simply, this is a device for wiping out magnetic data."

There are many reasons why one might want to get rid of digital data, but as MSNBC points out zeroing all the data collected on your hard drive could take hours. Enter the Data Killer, a new device created by a Japanese company that can erase the data on hard drives, laptops, discs and tapes instantly.

"To put it simply, this is a device for wiping out magnetic data. Its strong magnetic field obliterates the data on a hard disc so you can think of it as a 'data crusher.' It erases data instantly," Michishi Nanayama, CEO of Platform of Japan, said in a DigInfo TV feature video.

The device uses a magnetic field to destroy data by changing its magnetic alignment. In doing so, it only wipes out the data and leaves the device reusable.

GeekOSystem gives this nefarious example for how the Data Killer could be used:

For when the police are knocking at your door and you have piles and piles of hard drives filled with stolen credit card info, CIA secrets, duck porn, or pirated movies (take your pick) there comes this amazing product from Platform of Japan.

Non-criminal reasons why one might want to erase data, pointed out by MSNBC, includes "shredding your digital information" and "recycling your old laptop:"

The product would be great for retailers with recycling programs. Take in your old computer, pop in the hard drive, and have no worries that your data can be accessed by identity thieves on down the line.

Check out DigInfo TV's report on the Data Killer for more:

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