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MSNBC Anchor and Dem. Rep. Agree: GOP 'Not Diverse,' 'Discriminates' While Bragging About Minority Members


"Thank you for all you do, too."

If you have a hard time dealing with Martin Bashir and his smug attitude, click away now. But if you can stomach the MSNBC anchor suggesting the GOP "discriminates" -- and a Dem. Rep. agreeing -- then this is your clip.

On Bashir's Wednesday show, he hosted Rep. Gwen Moore and asked her one of his classic leading questions: "Doesn't this play into the continuing narrative that the Republicans are not a diverse party that reaches out to all Americans, but a party that instead discriminates and offers protections for some people but not for others?"

Moore agreed, saying the party is not diverse and basically parades out its few minority members but "doesn't honor the diversity in American culture."

And just in case you weren't convinced the two were on the same side, Moore ended the interview with a heartfelt comment to Bashire: "Thank you for all you do, too."

You can watch it below:

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