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Ride Along: This Is What It's Like to Bike Down 1,000 Stone Steps


"the hardest downhill race I ever have."

As a kid, just making the decision to bike down your front porch steps was daunting (not to mention painful when things when badly), but that feat pales in comparison to the Red Bull Devotos de Monserrate 2012 race that takes riders down more than 1,000 stone steps with tight turns.

Gizmodo reports a helmet camera view of the daring ride was brought to us by Colombian downhill mountain biker Marcelo Gutierrez. In addition to just biking down steps, the 2,000-meter course has ramps, terrifying twists and turns (1:55), super steep angles (2:20) and the obstacle of a shanty town (2:57).

Watch it for yourself:

Gutierrez finished the bumpy, downhill race at 4:27. His time though was overcome by one second  by winner Filip Polc.

In the YouTube video description, Guiterrez describes it at the "the hardest downhill race I ever have." The event took place on May 11 in Monserrate mountain in Bogota, Colombia.

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