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Watch Beck's Entire Obama Expose Free of Charge


One of Beck's most powerful specials to date is now available for all to see.

On May 10th, Glenn Beck aired the first in what will be a series of powerful exposés detailing the numerous inconsistencies, contradictions and "manufactured lies" perpetrated by President Barack Obama throughout various stages of his political career. In fact, so impactful was the information detailed in this special, that The Blaze's two part special report profiling the fact and fiction versions of Obama's life became one of the most highly trafficked stories on The Blaze to date.

You can read Part I here and Part II here.

Until now, The Blaze and GBTV have only been able to provide brief clips of the Beck's exposé. Due to its significance, however, he is now making the entire special available via GBTV free of charge so that viewers can share the invaluable information it provides with ease.

The entire one-hour special report on Obama is available below. Future installments in the series will be coming shortly and can be accessed by registering (and getting a free two week trial) for GBTV here.

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