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Possible Drone Spotted in Chicago Suburbs in Preparation for NATO Summit -- See the Video


With dignitaries and world leaders getting ready to descend upon Chicagoland for the NATO Summit, the security measures being implemented for their protection and to control protesters are extensive.

We've already seen Blackhawk helicopters with armed men weaving between high rises in what was called a routine training exercise -- although some questioned if it was in preparation for the summit -- and now there has been a possible drone sighting the week before the event, which begins May 20.

The local CBS affiliate noticed a video posted on YouTube Sunday showing what is described by the narrator as "an odd little plane" in the suburb Elgin, which is 40 miles from Chicago. Watch the video:

The sky is overcast and whatever is flying is difficult to see, but here are a couple screenshots.

Some comments on the YouTube video speculate it is a fake, while others take it at face value. Here are a few of the reasons some think it's a farce:

  • ericlw: Fake. First the lighting on the drone is wrong. Second, the drone does not move at all just goes in a straight line.
  • L4c3rt4: The camera movement appears to be a bit unrealistic. Im not a video analyst expert, but i have seen enough fake UFO videos with almost the same kind of camera movement - obvious sign of editing.
  • pickelurweapon: Fake. It's obvious in the trajectory from left to right across the screen.
  • Digitaleye31: It's fake. It's moving too fast and it's shining on a cloudy day...not to mention it's my job to fly them.

What are your thoughts?

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