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Terrifying Video Shows Young Saudi Arabian Man Auctioned Off as 'Sacred Sacrifice


Picture this: A festive, affluent gathering of rich men, many dressed in flowing white robes, in a country dominated by religious fervor. In their midst stands a father, whose son stands next to him, impassive in a black uniform as the father declares that the son shall be a "sacred sacrifice" just like his brothers. A chatty auctioneer then begins to open bidding for the young man's life, all while people cheerfully shout out bids, and the father looks on in pride.

If you thought this scene took place in some sort of horrific, pre-medieval time, long before the advent of running water, video cameras or the internet, then we're sorry to report that you were completely mistaken. Not only is this scene not from an ancient and rightly defunct civilization, but it actually took place this year, in the back yard of a country that the United States still considers an ally. Specifically, it took place early this year in Saudi Arabia, and was caught on-camera in a Youtube video that is going viral due to the horrific nature of what is depicted.

If you have a strong stomach, you can watch the video below, courtesy of Gateway Pundit:

The "auction" in question bears very little context, but a few disturbing details should suffice to explain it. We know that the young man being offered up for auction is quite literally being offered up as a suicide bomber - a "martyr" or "sacrifice" for Islam. As to why he's being auctioned off, this event is sort of a twisted charity auction to compensate the father for his loss. That's right - this man is literally selling his son's life in order to get money to live off of.

For those of you who don't want to watch through the video, we'll spoil the ending. The final bid is the Saudi equivalent of roughly $400,000 - far less than the settlement numbers on most wrongful death lawsuits in the United States. Apparently, devaluing human life means diminishing market returns for the sort of monsters who want to sell their own children into suicide.

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