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Leaf Blower + Photographer = Incredible Pictures You'll Want to See!


"It was meant to give some good laughter to the viewers and participants."

(Photo: Tadas Cerniauskas)

Try as you might, you couldn't make this face on your own if you wanted to. This contortion only comes from wind speeds of 140 miles per hour or more blowing back your lips and cheeks as you to try and keep your eyes closed so they don't dry out.

This is what photographer Tadas Černiauskas exposed his willing subjects to as a partner aimed a leaf blower at their faces.

"It was meant to give some good laughter to the viewers and participants," Černiauskas wrote in an email to The Blaze. "It turned out to be more than I expected, and that is why I like what I do today -- every day is full of pleasant surprises."

Černiauskas is relatively new in the photography world. Trained as an architect, he left that world about two years ago to "try out something new," which ended up being wedding photography. After that, he opened up his own studio in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The idea for his leaf blower portraits -- a series provocatively titled "Blow Job" -- stemmed from his desire to come up with something that would "make people laugh" and was open for anyone to try during an annual open house of sorts in the area of town where his studio is located.

"Not everyone was brave enough to stand in front of a  camera, but still they had a good time seeing others in action," he said.

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos Černiauskas shared with the Blaze.

See more photos in Černiauskas' "Blow Job" series or his other projects here. You can "like" Černiauskas on Facebook here.

[H/T: Gawker]

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