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What Does Author Tim Ballard Say Americans Must Do to 'Save This Nation'?


Worked from 3am-6am every morning to find the answer.

Author Tim Ballard is on a mission to deliver a message that he believes will have a monumental impact on America's survival: God is the author of the United States' story -- and the nation's future sustainability is predicated upon citizens' reliance upon Him. Ballard's new book, "The Covenant," delves into the country's rich history and its role in biblical prophesy.

Throughout the text, Ballard contends that America's founding fathers had a profound understanding of God's grace and the importance of a covenant with the Almighty to ensure continued growth and success.

In assembling "The Covenant," Ballard sifted through the country's robust history. In the end, he discovered what he believes is evidence that God explicitly participated in and oversaw the manifestation of the U.S. Through inspiring narrative, the author hopes to instill a profound love for the homeland and a deep appreciation for the covenant that played such a prominent role in America's creation.

An official description of "The Covenant" explains more about the author's intentions:

Why did Christopher Columbus assert that he was "guided by an angel" at the moments of greatest distress? What prompted the original colonists to embrace the idea that the land of America was "New Israel" to them? What power urged Washington and his rag-tag army to successfully conquer the greatest military power on earth? What brought about the terrible national crisis that left our nation grieving, humbled and repentant after the desolation of Civil War? [...]

The answers to these, and many other questions relating to America's real national treasure are found in the pages of THE COVENANT.

In his new book, author Timothy Ballard answers both HOW and WHY the America's very existence stands in fulfillment of ancient biblical prophecy.

The Blaze spoke with Ballard about this intriguing book on Thursday. During the interview, he explained the 10-year journey that he embarked on to complete the project. While working at his day job, the author -- and father of six children -- would carve out three hours every morning (from 3 a.m. to 6 a.m.) to delve deeply into the words he hopes will better frame America's past -- and future.

"Initially I thought, 'I’ll start on a chapter or two about the founding fathers.' I didn’t think I was going to say anything that hadn’t been said 100 times before," Ballard said, noting that he inevitably proved himself wrong. "It ended up being an entire book on where the power of good is derived from."

Ballard contends that America's founding fathers tapped into an ancient power to build the nation -- a feat they accomplished against all odds. The founders, being well-versed in Biblical understanding, believed that the U.S. was a new Israel of sorts, birthed out of a relationship and a covenant with the Almighty. Ballard maintains that, in contemporary times, the nation risks losing its blessings if individuals don't recognize the importance of the covenant and an ongoing relationship with God.

"Those who understand the covenant feel an affinity to Israel," Ballard explained. "The covenant is a promise between God and his people and the relationship is one of mutual action – God will deliver if we do what he tells us to do -- if, as a nation, we strive to live worthy of it. It has nothing to do with denominations. I don’t care what faith you are – as long as you're believing in God."

So, what are these blessings, you ask? According to Ballard, they are liberty, protection and prosperity -- all elements that the U.S. has traditionally enjoyed. Each, of course, provides substantial benefits to individual citizens and the nation's survival as a whole. When the "mutual action" that Ballard spoke about is engaged, he claims that "there's a response from heaven again and again."

On radio yesterday, Glenn Beck spoke with him in-depth about "The Covenant":

For those who would dismiss the author's views, he posed some interesting questions. To begin, he pondered how America's founding -- her transformation from an infant nation with little resources and ability to history's most profound mega-force -- would be possible without God's intervention.

Historically, he says, the covenant has been able to help American leaders defy the odds. Ballard maintains that both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, based on the difficult times during which they lived, relied upon covenants between themselves and the Lord.

Here's a trailer from a documentary currently being produced surrounding Ballard's ideals:

And when it comes to naysayers who claim that the founding fathers were irreligious or mere deists, Ballard has a stark response, calling such a notion "ridiculous." He says that these ideas contradict Washington's own words -- words of encouragement for individuals to become more spiritually-driven. Even the Continental Congress issued calls for Americans to come back to the Lord, Ballard maintains.

"I hope they return to the covenant because it’s our only hope. I hope they read this book and understand that our history is a repeat of what happened in the Old Testament," Ballard said of the elements he prays readers take away from the book. "In a way, we’re living scripture…it’s a choice…will we return to the covenant…or stick with the flesh? The idea is -- if we want to save this nation -- we need to return to the covenant."

Ballard appeared on GBTV on Thursday evening to further discuss the importance of the covenant:

Many, though, will wonder what, exactly, this all means. Ballard had some answers, specifically when it comes to how individuals can make an impact on restoring the covenant. The author says that every citizen should go to his or her house of worship and pray that the Lord would receive America as his land. Encouraging the government to invoke God at the highest levels, he maintains, is not a violation of the First Amendment and such actions should be encouraged.

"I’m optimistic. If I had no hope, I wouldn’t have tried to put the message out," he said, maintaining his belief that Americans will restore the covenant. "I think we can – it’s our choice. The best way to inspire those spiritual feelings that will return the nation to the covenant is to read the founders’ stories."

Ballard encouraged Blaze readers to examine America's history "prayerfully," as he believes doing so will enable God's spirit to reveal the true tenets associated with the founding.

Ballard's next book, a sequel to "The Covenant," will focus upon the Civil War and the challenges Abraham Lincoln faced as the nation was divided like never before. For more information on his book, which was released this week, click here.

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