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Woman claims she was fired for being 'too hot,' having 'too large' breasts


Lauren Odes is suing Native Intimates, a Manhattan-based lingerie boutique, claiming she was wrongfully terminated from her job doing data entry and shipping duties. Her supposed crime: Being really sexy.

“When I was first told that I was ‘too hot’ and that my breasts were too large I was shocked,” said Odes in a statement released Tuesday. Her sexy appearance, she said, got her a pink slip from an employer who sells intimate apparel much sexier than your basic slips. ...

She alleges her supervisors told her that her choice of clothing was disliked by the company’s owner, an Orthodox Jew.

Odes is suing for both gender and religious discrimination.

Really wish I'd known about this legal courses of action when I was fired from a previous job for being too hot.


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