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Plastic Surgery Mom Storms Off Anderson Cooper Set After He Calls Her 'Dreadful


"I honestly have nothing more to talk to you about."

Sarah Burge is the English mother who gave her 7-year-old daughter vouchers for breast implants and liposuction as gifts. She recently joined Anderson Cooper on his daytime show. And it didn't end well.

"I honestly have nothing more to talk to you about," Cooper said after discussing sweating with Burge. "I gotta be honest, I gotta just stop. I'm sorry."

He then said he thought she was  "dreadful" and didn't want to talk to her anymore, which led her to storm off the set while repeating "that's fine."

Here's how it happened:

Backstage, Cooper explained what happened. He said he felt Burge wasn't being honest and was only doing the show for "publicity."

"I regret having her on in the first place," he said, "and I regret that that's how things ended."

(H/T: Gawker)

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