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Smile: Baltimore Upgrading Downtown Surveillance Cameras to High-Def


“I do actually see a lot of security all the time, pretty much."

Due to recent stabbings and other crimes in Baltimore, the city is stepping up its security with enhanced surveillance systems and an increase of officers in the field.

CBS Baltimore reports that the incidents, many of which happened over St Patrick's Day, were managed appropriately, but the city is doing more to ensure public safety. Heading into Memorial Day weekend with an increase of visitors to the inner harbor, Baltimore is upgrading its 100 cameras with high-definition lenses and will be feeding footage to the police station of what's going on downtown.

Watch the WJZ13 report:

The station reports that these new measures will be running Thursday through Sunday nights from now on. People who work downtown have reported seeing "a lot" of security in the area.

“I do actually see a lot of security all the time, pretty much,” David Reed, who works at a restaurant downtown, told WJZ.

The WJZ report doesn't raise concerns over the security cameras, which appear to have been in place for some time, but other cities implementing such measures of surveillance have been questioned over privacy issues. Even for major events like the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., some residents have complained that they're worried about the length of time the cameras will remain watching their movements. The Tampa police chief said at the time that the department will be using information gained from the cameras appropriately and in accordance with the law.

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WJZ reports police officials saying that overall, crime is being reduced.

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