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Missing Decimal Wrongly Puts 'Ritual Mutilation' on a Man's Record and He Can't Clear His Name


"I can't expunge, a charge I was never arrested for."

Lenny Haglund speaks with a CBS4 reporter. (Image: CBS screenshot)An Idaho Springs man has been contacting anyone in law enforcement or with legal authority for years as he tries to clear his record for a crime he never committed. It is an offense tainting his name that he believes has cost him jobs, but the case was completely dropped.

The crime: "ritual mutilation."

But that's not really what Lenny Haglund was arrested for. According to CBS4, a missing decimal on his record has changed his life forever.

CBS reports Haglund says he's in a Catch-22 situation. "I can’t expunge a charge I was never arrested for," he told the station.

According to CBS, in 1995 Haglund was arrested in Buffalo Grove, Ill., for domestic battery charges, which were later dropped. A domestic battery charge should appear on a record as 5/12-3.2. What is really on Haglund's record is 5/12-32 -- ritual mutilation, which is described as any sort of bodily harm inflicted on a person as part of a ceremony.

CBS reports that Haglund is currently unemployed but was hired by the Idaho Springs Police Department after a thorough investigation into his past.

Watch CBS' full report on Haglund's efforts to clear his name:

Police Sgt. Jim Vogt told CBS4 that Haglund's frustration about the situation is "understandable."

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