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Romney wishes he hadn't said he likes 'to fire people


It was one of Mitt Romney's biggest gaffes of the Republican presidential primary (which will tell you something about how lame his gaffes have actually been) when he said in January "I like being able to fire people."

Most people who don't obsessive over politics probably don't even remember it happening. But Romney said in an interview yesterday with the Wall Street Journal that it's a moment that he's "haunted" by and he beats himself up over choosing the right words all the time.

He meant, he says, those, such as health-insurance companies, that provide inadequate services. "I have to think not only about what I say in a full sentence but what I say in a phrase." In the current media environment, "you will be taken out of context, you'll be clipped, and you'll be battered with things you said." He says it is interesting that "the media always says, 'Gosh, we just want you to be spontaneous,' but at the same time if you say anything in the wrong order, you're gonna be sorry!"

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