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The Blaze's Will Cain Calls Out Debbie Wasserman Schultz in Frustrating Interview...Again


"You asked me a question, and I'm going to answer the question." -- Jewish temple cancels Wasserman Schultz's speech following outrage --

The Blaze's Will Cain has proved in the past he's not scared to confront the always-smug DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. And he did just that on Friday on CNN.

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Cain wanted to know why the Democrats are bent on attacking Mitt Romney on his Bain Capital days when Barrack Obama did essentially the same thing when the government took over the auto industry.

"Let's compare apples to apples," Cain said. "It seems to me the criticism you're offering is that Mitt Romney went into businesses and laid people off. But wouldn't the apples to apples comparison be that's exactly what Barack Obama did when he touts the auto industry as a feather in his cap, didn't the federal government and Barack Obama go in and layoff thousands of autoworkers to save that industry?"

Wasserman Schultz, who made sure to use her eyes to send a message, didn't think it was comparing "apples to apples," as Cain suggested. In fact, she quickly tried to spin it as showing how Romney would have let the auto industry fail, while Obama cares enough to rescue it.

Cain wasn't having it, and tried to push her. But Wasserman Schultz snapped back: "You asked me a question, and I'm going to answer the question. I may not answer it the way you want me to."

"I doubt that," Cain replied.

When Cain used Wasserman Schult's own argument to point out that both leaders, Romney and Obama, saved net jobs by laying off workers, the Florida Congresswoman replied flatly, "No."

Watch the frustrating exchange, below:


The internet is now starting to buzz with reaction to the interview. Hot Air's Ed Morrissey writes that, "It’s fair to say that The Blaze and CNN contributor Will Cain wins the Internet today." The Weekly Standard also took notice.

And guess what: even the Washington Post published a piece yesterday noting Obama's failed record of investing in private companies, as Morrissey notes.

How do you like them "apples"?

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