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Gendercide': Anti-Abortion Group Releases Undercover Expose Purportedly Showing Planned Parenthood's Complicity in 'Sex-Selection Abortion


"...using the state to pay for the ultrasound to determine the gender, and then to do a late term abortion if it was a little girl."

Live Action, a pro-life group based in San Jose, California, went undercover to discover a troubling trend that is occurring across the globe -- sex-selection abortion (the process of purposefully terminating a pregnancy based solely on the child's gender). While this phenomenon is known to be occurring in China, among other nations, the organization claims that it's also happening here in the United States of America.

In part one of a new video series entitled "Gendercide: Sex Selection in America," the group, which also launched to accompany the sting operation, visits an Austin, Texas, Planned Parenthood for an undercover investigation. The findings may disturb you.

"This was a multi-state, national investigation demonstrating that this is a widespread problem across our country," Live Action president Lila Rose said in an interview with The Daily Caller on Monday. "First of all, the statistics and studies indicate that we are adding to the growing problem across the world of sex-selective targeting of unborn girls for abortion. We are going to be demonstrating — starting with this video from Texas — that the abortion industry in the United States is aiding and abetting this horrific problem."

It was in April 2012 that Rose's group investigated these abortion clinics to see what would happen if employees were asked about aborting based on gender. In part one, which was released this week, a Planned Parenthood employee named "Rebecca" can be seen speaking with the undercover woman, who makes it clear that she only wants to abort her child if, indeed, it is a female.

"In this video, what is astounding is that Rebecca, the Planned Parenthood counselor, starts arranging with the actor about how to get a late-term abortion," Rose continued in her interview with the Daily Caller. "To wait until her pregnancy is so developed that — and using Medicaid for this, using the state to pay for the ultrasound to determine the gender, and then to do a late term abortion if it was a little girl."

As Rose notes, the employee seems completely unfazed by the woman's gender-based plans and proceeds to discuss the legalities of abortion, specifically the time-frame during which the baby's sex is detectable and how much time the woman has to go through with the procedure.

The conversation between Rebecca and the actress also turns to Medicaid, which the employee claims can be used to help the potential patient determine the sex of her baby so that she can later abort if it is a female. This, of course, would purportedly be done covertly (i.e. without telling doctors of the intent to abort) so that the sonograms can be covered by government insurance before letting doctors know of the intention to abort.

"I have actually applied for Medicaid -- got on Medicaid -- as if I was going to continue my pregnancy. Went through the OB/GYN and then me and my husband decided that we were going to go ahead and terminate," Rebecca explained, recounting her own experience. "We terminated, and I still stayed on Medicaid and just got on birth control. Right after I got on birth control, I just stopped using it."

Then, the faux patient asked, "So, um, so then I could, um, then we could probably, you're thinking, if we did that, we could probably get pregnant again soon after?"

Rebecca answered affirmatively and said that she has had four children and two abortions and that getting pregnant again soon after is absolutely permissible.

Watch the disturbing clip, below:


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