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Watch Beck's Epic Radio Segment After Hearing Taxpayer-Funded Food Stamp Ads


But Obama's definitely not the "food stamp president"

Maybe you've heard food stamp public service announcements before. Maybe you haven't. But when Glenn Beck did on Tuesday, he couldn't contain himself.

Beck's co-host Pat Gray brought up the commercials on Beck's radio show. While the commercials have been around since 2008 -- with the help of your tax dollars -- the Beck radio team couldn't resist having some fun with the spots after Gray heard them in the car recently.

In the taxpayer-funded radio commercials, you can hear paid actors talk about how they are “making a healthy meal together with a little help from SNAP [Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program],” or how the program “helps you eat right when money’s tight.”

What did Beck have to say? You'll have to watch the segment to see, but it includes Beck doing his own mock version of the ads:


Here's a shorter version via GBTV:

Back in March, a Fox News panel debated whether or not the radio spots are helpful. That is to say, do they actually help the destitute or are they simply encouraging more people to sign up for government assistance? Watch it below:

But while the commercials lend themselves to humor, the facts do not. Considering the recent explosion in participation the incredibly expensive entitlement program has seen over the last decade, are glorifying radio ads really the best idea things right now?

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