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You Are Allah's Enemy!': Russian Radio Host Brutally Attacked After Criticizing Islam on Air


"Slashed at and stabbed fifteen to twenty times"


Russian media outlets are reporting that Sergey Aslanyan, a famous journalist and radio presenter, was brutally attacked outside his apartment Monday after making comments insulting to Islam.

“The Prophet Mohammed, as we know, was not a religious figure. He was a businessman, but after getting considerable financial support [he] built plans as to how to get to the top,” Aslanyan reportedly said.  He also speculated that Mohammed had some form of sexual disorder.

RIA Novosti explains:

According to police, an unknown man called Aslanyan at 11.30 pm and asked him to come out for a talk. As soon as the Aslanyan left his house the man attacked him, hitting the journalist on the head and stabbing him on the chest, neck and an arm, before disappearing.

Aslanyan himself managed to call police and was later hospitalized at a major Moscow clinic where he was operated on. “The patient was brought last night to the operating room, now he is in intensive care,” said at the hospital.

Aslanyan was reportedly slashed at and stabbed fifteen to twenty times by an attacker shouting "You are Allah's enemy!" though witnesses say there may have been more than one attacker.

However, despite widespread outcry in the Republic of Tatarstan, where Islam is the dominant religion, a spokesperson denied the allegation that they had anything to do with it.

“Islam does not recognize the resort to force – for this there are authorities and courts,”  he said.

Police are hoping to use CCTV footage to help identify the assailant, whom they believe to be roughly thirty years old.

As of now, the journalist's condition is stable, and his room is being guarded by police.  However, Russia's track record of protecting journalists is notoriously low.  More than fifty have been killed since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and most of the cases remain unsolved.

(H/T: Gateway Pundit)

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