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Bernie Goldberg Tells O'Reilly: Dan Rather Is 'Delusional' for Saying There's No Media Bias


Bernie Goldberg on Thursday called Dan Rather's declaration that there isn't a liberal media bias "delusional" and suggested a psychiatrist would be better suited to unpack the former CBS newsman's claim.

"I'm not sure why you have a media analyst on to talk about this, I think you need a psychiatrist because what Dan said is delusional. I mean it's delusional," Goldberg said on "The O'Reilly Factor."

Rather, who's currently promoting his new book, had canceled his "O'Reilly" appearance, but appeared on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" Wednesday. During that appearance, he said it "hasn't been [his] experience" that there was a liberal media bias, going as far as calling such claims "a sham."

"It’s widely believed that CBS, NBC, ABC — chock full of liberals. Not true," Rather said. "What it is chock full of is people who wanted to give honest news, straightforward news and voted both ways in many elections....This is a sham. It’s a camouflage.”

Goldberg pointed out there were numerous polls of conservatives and liberals alike that would disagree with Rather's assertion. He also pointed to an interview Rather gave in August 2004 while Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry was getting hammered by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth organization.

"He said in the end, what difference does it make what one candidate or another was doing during the Vietnam War?" Goldberg said. One week later, Rather gave his now-infamous report about President George W. Bush's National Guard service, which turned out to be based on fraudulent documents.

Watch below, via Fox News:

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