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Jewish Group Slams Soros, Chomsky & Friedman in 'Jews United Against Israel' Video Parody


"Boycott Israel"

A Jewish group that gained a great deal of attention for its "We Con the World" parody music video about the Gaza flotilla two years ago is out with yet another humorous clip. In the latest spoof, the group, Latma, pokes fun at liberal Jews, including infamous philanthropist George Soros, academic Noam Chomsky, New Israel Fund President Naomi Chazan and New York Times writer Thomas Friedman, among others.

The Jewish Forward has more about the video, called "Jews United Against Israel":

Latma...[has] set to music their claim that being a liberal Jew who criticizes elements of Israel’s conduct means…that you hate Israel. Soros, Chazan and Friedman are singled out.

A look-alike of Yariv Oppenheimer, head of the Israeli activist organization [Peace Now], is bitterly mocked. With a neon sign in the background which says “Boycott Israel!!!” he sings: “When Soros handed out cash by the truck, to funds, associations, every shmuck, we were okay, we immediately stressed, that we also hate Israel, every one of us.”

Joined by other characters, he sings the chorus, which is based on a 1960s musical “Kazablan,” which featured the lyric “we are all Jews.” The new chorus goes: “We are all Jews, from Durban to [the hub of Palestinian demonstrations against Israel] Bilin, 100% first class Jews, who want to go kiss some ass… we’ll always be there to incite, and Israel and Israel and Israel we condemn.”

Oppenheimer has reacted strongly to the video and his portrayal in it. IsraelNationalNews.com reports:

"In this way, systematically and cunningly, the right is attempting to portray whoever does not think like they do as anti-Israeli, as a traitor, as an enemy within," Oppenheimer wrote on his Facebook page. He said he was being similarly demonized by grassroots groups Im Tirtzu and Yisrael Sheli, the Yesha Council, and "Kahane's people."

Oppenheimer claimed that he never called for a boycott on Israel and noted that he serves in the IDF combat reserves and "guard[s] over the settlements."

"I find myself battling dark forces that try to put things in my mouth that I never said," he complained.

Despite this reaction, Latma doubled down on its stance, telling the Sroogim web site that the activist is "a hypocrite."

"We are a satirical program with a satirical message and [Oppenheimer] is a serious person," responded Caroline Glick, Latma's editor-in-chief. "This is a person who calls an entire sector in Israel 'a cancer in the heart of the nation,' not in a skit, but in a serious article he published. So there is no need to get worked up over what he said."

As IsraelNationalNews.com reports, Glick was referring to an article that Oppenheimer published back in 2008 calling Israel's presence in Judea and Samaria "a cancer in the heart of the nation."

Watch the comical video, below:

(H/T: Jewish Forward)

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