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A Question You've Always Wanted Answered: How Long Can a Slinky 'Walk' on a Treadmill?

Right when you think the Slinky is making progress forward, it regresses. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

How long could a Slinky walk on a treadmill?

It's really more exciting than it sounds. The Slinky's motion sometimes brings it precariously close to the edge, but it makes it back again. Right when you think it's getting close to the front, its momentum stalls and it is moved toward the rear. It's the ultimate, rather stationary saga of one step forward two steps back.

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All in all, the YouTube user abzde posted this video in an effort to beat another YouTube video of a treadmill-walking Slinky that only lasted 22 seconds. This Slinky on the other hand marches on for 3 minutes and 20 seconds -- and to quite an epic tune. It doesn't stop until ... well, until the poster of the video appears to have gotten bored of filming.

See for yourself:

abzde self-proclaims this as a world record. There does not appear to be any official record for this accomplishment.

[H/T Gawker]

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