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Video Shows Garbage Truck Driver Sprint to the Aid of Baby in a Stroller After it Rolls into Intersection


"The stroller was either going to go down the hill or cut into the curb"

Jeff Blackburn was driving a CleanScapes truck in Seattle on Thursday when he saw a baby in a stroller glide unaccompanied through the intersection in front of him.

Without hesitating, Blackburn maneuvered his car so that it blocked traffic-- honking his horn to alert a nearby FedEx driver-- before sprinting out of his car to save the infant.

"I pulled my airbrake and jumped out of my truck as fast as I could to stop the stroller 'cause the stroller was either going to go down the hill or cut into the curb,” he told KING 5 News. “Luckily it cut into the curb...because at the bottom of the hill was a busy intersection," he continued.

Watch the heartwarming video, below:

Reports indicate the mother had been jogging with the baby, and briefly turned her back to talk to friends.  It wasn't long before the stroller started rolling down the hill, into the intersection.

Blackburn recalled: "She came running in, she was freaked out and was shaking...I don't even think she said anything, she just grabbed the kid and ran away.  She was just really, really shook up."

Thankfully, the baby was unharmed and smiling at the end of the event, as Blackburn, an unidentified woman, and the mother all rushed to the child's aid.



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