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Crossdressing Crime Spree Finally Ended by Police


"Looking at the video, one dresses as a woman.”

Someone had better trademark the name Ronnie and Clyde

This may be one of the oddest cases of a nationwide crime spree we've yet seen. And it just goes to show how creative criminals can get.

From Edmond, Oklahoma, comes news that a duo of shoplifters responsible for stealing thousands of dollars of merchandise at a time from multiple places across multiple states has finally been caught.

The twist? They pose as a happy couple. The bigger twist? They're both male. The biggest twist? One of them cross-dresses as a woman while they enact their heists.

KFOR Oklahoma City released this video report along with its print story (excerpted below):

According to Edmond Police Spokeswoman, Jenny Monroe, “Two men, came in, got baskets, went to the power tool aisle, loaded up with $3,000 worth of tools and ran out to a waiting car. Looking at the video, one dresses as a woman.”

Detectives believe the cross-dressing crook and his accomplice are responsible for a much larger crime spree, covering several states around the region.

In each case, popular and easy-to-pawn power tools were taken from home improvement stores. [...]

Monroe said, “It’s not uncommon to have theft rings like this. They sell them and make money on the black market. Home Depot has an intense internal security and they’ve been watching this.”

The chain’s security team issued a warning to other stores and circulated surveillance video of the weave-wearing thief and partner in crime.

This raises a huge question - if they just come in to grab as much as they can carry and run out, then why does one of them cross dress in the process? The bizarre clothing decision seems to have nothing whatsoever to do with the success or failure of their heist. Is one of these people just extremely fond of wearing womens' clothing? Answers are needed, for the sake of the American people!

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