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Romney opening up lead over Obama among middle class voters


Despite frequent attempts from the Obama campaign to paint him as a corporate raider and middle class job killer, Mitt Romney has pulled ahead of the president in the latest general election polls among middle-income voters. A new poll released from Gallup Monday shows Mitt Romney edging President Obama 49 percent to 45 percent among voters with a household income between $36,000 to $89,999. Romney has the same lead among upper-income voters, while Obama maintains a large advantage among lower-income voters.

Overall, the poll finds Obama and Romney are tied at 46 percent among all registered voters. The results are based on Gallup Daily tracking of 2012 election preferences by demographic group, including more than 9,000 interviews with registered voters conducted between May 14 and June 3. When factoring race, Gallup finds that President Obama holds a massive 68 point lead over Romney among nonwhites. Among middle-income independents, Romney holds an 8 point lead.

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