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GBTV's Massive Voter Registration Drive Already Wildly Popular -- See How (Updated Figures)


...and a "George Soros" is registered twice?

Editor's note: see the update figures at the end of the story.

On Tuesday evening, Glenn Beck delivered some very sobering voter registration statistics. Did you know that  33 million — or, 14% of Americans of voting age — believe they are registered to vote but are not? As part of phase two of his new four-part plan to take back America, Glenn Beck and GBTV launched a massive voter registration drive Tuesday evening -- and the results are already significant.

To refresh, Beck instructed viewers to a useful tool on the WallBuilders website, which allows users to verify whether they are in fact registered to vote.

Shortly after Beck's broadcast Tuesday evening, more than 35,000 people had already used the voter registration tool and during the program, the number of searches on the WallBuilders site were being conducted at the rate of 50 per second. Numbers like these provide substantial evidence of how powerful a reach one can have in getting out the vote. And that is what Beck hopes to achieve: turn the 2012 election into a clear mandate, both to Washington, and to progressives.

Ironically, it was brought to The Blaze's attention that someone had conducted a search on the WallBuilders voter registration tool to verify left-wing "sugar-daddy" George Soros' status. It appears the progressive billionaire may be registered to vote twice. Whether the findings reveal a simple discrepancy, the existence of two distinct people who share the same name, or point to a more sinister "ACORN-style" voter registration tactic, remains to be seen. Interestingly, the George Soros does in fact appear to reside in Katonah, New York. 

Wednesday evening at 5:00 p.m. ET, Beck will launch phase three of his new initiative focused on "living it." Be sure to watch it on GBTV.


The latest figures show:

- Almost 110,000 searches

- Over 1000 new registrations

- 2,000 pledges to sign up a friend

Beck encouraged his audience on Wednesday to spread the word about the tool, especially using social media. You can do that by "liking" or "tweeting" this story or our original.

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