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Another Hollywood A-lister for Barack Obama


In an attempt to woo Latino voters, President Obama's reelection campaign has unveiled its latest high-profile endorsement -- Latin pop singer Marc Anthony.  You know, because no one has their finger on the pulse of America's Latino community quite like a multi-millionaire multi-platinum recording artist.

Exit question: If the so-called "1%"ers are so out of touch with mainstream middle class America, why does President Obama consistently rely on them to garner support for his campaign?

Update: The Free Beacon reminds us that Marc Anthony is "another tax-dodger for Obama":

Despite his support for Obama, Anthony has run afoul of the federal government in recent years.

In December 2010, the federal government filed a tax lien against the singer for $1.6 million, in addition to a $1.8 million lien filed by New York authorities–the back taxes totaled $3.4 million.

The singer has since settled the back taxes; terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

In 2007, Anthony was hit with a $2.5 million tax lien for failing to pay federal and state taxes on approximately $15.5 million income over a five years. A number of former business partners, including Anthony’s brother, were charged with felony tax charges–though Anthony was not.

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