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CNN's Piers Morgan Challenges Wasserman-Schultz's 'Extremist' Characterization of Gov. Walker


“Democrats are not going to just lie down and allow the middle class and workers to get run over.”

The Democrats are still infuriated over Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's victory in this week's historic recall election. Lamentations from Howard Dean and random, emotional protesters, among other critics, have been strong. Some might even argue that denial has set for prominent figures in the Democratic establishment. Case-in-point: DNC Chair and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Last night, Schultz seemed unwilling to admit that Walker's historic win was an all-out victory, as she told CNN's Piers Morgan that it was "at least in part successful." As Mediaite notes, though, the television host didn't seem to be buying into her assessment of the obvious win for Republicans. Likewise, he didn't agree with her "extremist" characterization of Walker:

“The President deployed his entire grassroots machinery on the ground in Wisconsin,” Wasserman Schultz argued, calling it “an unprecedented effort of grassroots in this recall,” though “we came up short of the ultimate goal.” She claimed that Democrats would still be able to “stop” Walker because of the gains in the State Senate, the bottom line of the night for her being that “Democrats are not going to just lie down and allow the middle class and workers to get run over.”

“You keep calling him this extremist who everyone is terrified of, but he won, he won considerably,” Morgan replied, adding that calling this “some kind of weird victory” seemed bizarre to him. “I’m certainly not going to call it a victory,” Wasserman Schultz replied, not agreeing with Morgan that this meant voters were “a bunch of angry extremists,” but that the explanation for their votes was that “voters look very differently at a recall than they do a normal election,” and for some reason they were “uncomfortable” [with] recalling Walker even though “they didn’t like his policies.

Watch the bizarre interaction for yourself, below:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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