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Doing fine': A comprehensive look at the Obama presidency


Twitchy highlighted a hilarious new ad for Obama's reelection campaign after the president insisted today that America's private sector is "doing fine."

Take a look:

Following Obama's out of touch comments today, I thought of a few more things that are "doing fine" these days:

George Soros' investment portfolio

Former Solyndra executives

The 50% of college grads who manage to find jobs

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

The Brazilian oil industry

The people attending Obama's $40,000/plate fundraisers

The prisoners at Guantanamo Bay

Mexican drug cartels

GOP fundraising efforts

Vladimir Putin

Food stamp recipients

The Canadian Dollar

The president's handicap

Aaaaand I'm spent.  Have more suggestions to add to the list?  Let me know in the comments!



That was quick -- the GOP has released its latest ad -- aptly titled, "Doing Fine."


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