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I Truly Believe in My Own Mind That Things Have Happened to Me': 'America's Got Talent' Contestant Bares Soul on Local Talk Show


"I just remember, you know, having a blast go off by me."

Either Timothy Poe is a sociopathic liar, or he really does believe things that are demonstrably false. At least, that's the only takeaway one can get from the "America's Got Talent" contestant's appearance on Joe Pagliarulo's show today. Poe, who has sparked controversy after getting caught in an apparent lie on the Talent show, and apologized for what he calls "incomplete facts," says he really remembers things the way he said they happened originally...even if the memories are wrong:

"I truly believe in my own mind that things have happened to me," Poe said. "I honestly don't remember everything and now that, you know, everything's coming out, I just remember, you know, having a blast go off by me, and I remember being in the [vehicle] and saying, 'Hey, a grenade went off by me,' and then the next thing I remember, I was in Germany. I don't even remember going to the Airbase. Apparently I had gone there before I went to Germany."

Poe continued, "I don't know. I see things in my mind of what happened, and now..."

Pagliarulo interceded, "Is there some confusion in your mind about how you got injured?"

"Yes, sir," Poe responded. "I truly believe what I said. And I put tattoos on my arms, and over the last two years, I've been telling everybody, and not one time did anybody try to correct me."

So is Poe trying to get more pity as a veteran so shellshocked he can't even remember the truth, or is he being genuine? You can listen to the deeply awkward interview here and judge for yourself:

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