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Liberal Revelation: Farmer Kids Don't Want to Grow Corn...'They Want to Farm Wind!


The Blaze's Kathleen D'Urso Contributed to this report.

As The Blaze previously reported, liberals assembled this weekend in Providence, Rhode Island, for Netroots Nation, an annual conference aimed at promoting the progressive cause.  One panel, entitled "Handcuffs, Conventional Wisdom and Dirty Oil: Activism's Big Win Against the Keystone XL Pipeline," revealed an environmentalists concept for the future of farming in America.

Panelist Jane Fleming Kleeb was instrumental in getting the Keystone Pipeline blocked by the President this last December.  Her group, Bold Nebraska, coordinated opponents of the pipeline in the state that would have seen some estimated 13,000 new jobs if it would have passed.

What is Kleeb's alternative to killing this job boon for Nebraska?  Well now farmers are free to "farm wind."  According to Kleeb:

"A lot of, you know, farmer's and rancher's kids may not want to farm corn, they do want to farm wind, they do want to farm different forms of energy.  And they know they can’t do that if we allow these forms of tar sands pipelines to criss-cross our state."



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