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Beck Challenges O'Reilly on Obama: 'Come on, Say the M-Word...He's a Marxist


"I dont think he's a marxist, Beck."

On Thursday night, Glenn Beck appeared on Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor" where he chatted with host Bill O'Reilly about Barack Obama's new campaign ad targeting African American voters, leadership and his new book "Cowards," among other subjects. During the spirited exchange, Beck challenged O'Reilly to label the president a Marxist -- a dare that the Fox host initially danced around.

The segment commenced with the two commentators talking about the campaign's new ad, during which backup singers can be heard serenading the president. While Obama outlines his policy ideals, female voices sing, "We've got your back" over his voiceover.

"Here's the problem with that ad. I mean it's two-fold. In that ad they talked about...we've got your back Mr. President. Isn't the president supposed to have our back?," Beck asked O'Reilly. "Isn't he the guy who's supposed to be the guy who ensures that he's watching our liberty and our life so no one comes and kills our family or kills us and nobody can scoop us off the streets in the middle of the night. Which, he's not really doing either of those things."

Beck went on to lament Obama's alleged failed leadership, claiming that real leaders do not create and rely upon government dependence to captivate audiences and ensure votes.

"A real leader doesn't snare you in and suck you in and say, 'Depend on me, depend on me.' A real leader says, 'You're better than this. You can Strive," he added.

As the interview progressed, O'Reilly called Obama "a big government guy," to which Beck had a major challenge for the Fox News host. Rather than going with such a benign term, Beck wanted O'Reilly to use a more hard-hitting label.

"Come on, say the m-word. Say the m-word. Say it. He's a marxist. Say it, say it, Bill," Beck challenged. "After he loses to Mitt Romney, will you then say, 'Okay, I think he might have been a marxist?"

"I dont think he's a marxist, Beck. I think he's a dedicated, liberal man who wants the government to call the shots," O'Relly countered.

Watch the two discuss and debate the issues, below:

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